Errol A. Adams, J.D., M. L. S.  (CLEO/Thurgood Marshall Scholar & IMLS Scholar/AALL Scholar) completed his MLS at St. Johns University, New York, NY and is currently an Academic Law Librarian at The College of The Bahamas. His areas of expertise include include Law Librarianship, Information Specialist, Business Development, Competitive Intelligence/Marketing and Knowledge Management among others. Errol received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Judicial Studies in 1997 from CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice and his Juris Doctor degree while as a CLEO/Thurgood Marshall Scholar in 2003 from Touro Law.

While at Touro Law he held a variety of leadership roles in student organizations including being the President of the Black Law Students Association. He represented Touro Law at The National Black Law Students Association’s Annual Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition in 2003 placing Touro Law in the semi-finals. He also received a Special Service Award from Touro Law.

Errol has maintained internships at various organizations including Queens County District Attorney’s Office, while attending law school. He has worked for a Non-Profit organization in New York and various New York City government agencies including managing Riker’s Island facilities’ law libraries He also worked for New York State Government in New York State’s Unified Court System as a Senior Law Librarian. Most recently Errol has interned at the National Archive Records and Administration and has worked at Kaye Scholer LLP as an Information Specialist further cultivating his fascination with law librarianship and now business development otherwise known as competitive intelligence.

Errol also currently volunteers in two positions at a Non-profit organization performing cataloging and preparing digital media news letters. Errol also holds a volunteer position with Greater New York American Red Cross assisting victim of disasters.

Errol’s avid interest in pursuing his librarian/legal career is evident in his plans to further ameliorate the authenticity issues among other issues in New York as the former chair of Law Librarian Association of Greater New York,(LLAGNY) Government Relations Committee and former board member. He is also a former committee member of the American Association of Law Librarians’ Government Relations Committee where he has been in the forefront advocating for Law Librarians nationwide. Errol is extremely interested in improving the access to valuable information as is necessary in a true democracy. His membership to LLAGNY is concurrent with memberships to AALL.

6 responses to “About

  1. libpro

    This is my first entry on this blog.

  2. Riker’s Island has a law library?! That’s great, though I don’t know if it would be more empowering than frustrating. Nevertheless, it only makes sense that those most closely watched by the law would be among those most interested in it. I hope it helps them understand, navigate, and shape the system from the inside.

    Best of luck in your career path.

  3. Wow what was it like providing library services at Rikers?

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