It is still not very clear to me but I intend to research this issue further, blogging on WordPress and apparently posting other materials to the web in other formats is somewhat restricted to original content. That in my opinion seems confusing in this day and age of social media that encompasses sharing massive information in a multiplicative manner. I have perused other bloggers blogs related to this subject matter and the terms: plagiarism, copyright, splogging and I am certain many others are conjured. Granted, apparently you can use the links as a source of reference but even if you use the link and rephrase or make the original post it somewhat different, add your twist etc. Is that original content?

However, many of these issues are discussed in books and other materials that continue to evolve as the laws on copyright metamorphoses to align with new technological methods of disseminating information. I would caution all individuals engaging in social media, blogging etc. to become very familiar with the limitations of the specific forum, to posting, materials including photos etc.

Can I post the links to those articles I found here or would it be considered not original content? Please bear with me as I realign the articles I have been posting which are arguably “fair use” publications. I apologize to all who may consider my posting as a copyright violation of any sort or unauthorized use of their material. I posted the information not because I wanted to falsely establish traffic to my blog and I am certain I have attributed to the origination of any content I may post. I have written this blog in response to WordPress temporarily invalidating my blog …

Written by +Errol A. AdamsJDMLS on November 26, 2012