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Online Research Guides are proliferating. With the widespread adoption of LibGuides, it is easier than ever to develop a research guide that incorporates video, images, hyperlinks, and RSS feeds. By using a little “Advanced Common Sense” of the Steve Krug variety, we can create increasingly better prototypes of our research guides that come progressively closer to meeting the needs and satisfying the desires of the users.

On October 5th, I had the privilege of speaking about Creating and Marketing Research Guides with the User in Mind at the Special Libraries Association’s San Diego Fall Seminar, entitled Spotlight on the User: Enhancing Value through User-Centric Design and Innovation. There were many cutting-edge speakers describing their work developing online products to serve the emerging needs of their patrons. UCSD Virtual Education Coordinator Marlo Malonado-Young co-presented about her experiences designing mobile services for her patrons. She said…

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