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The recent Bose News blog post about the Res Gestae article on apps for the iPad generated great interest and several suggestions for apps that were not mentioned, reminding me of a song I often heard when my kids were young and the inspiration for the title of this post!  “It is the song that never ends…oh it goes on and on and on…”  Well you get the idea!

The list of apps truly is endless and growing daily, perhaps even hourly! So here goes with the list of additional apps suggested by colleagues and people I don’t even know. Hey isn’t that the line in a song too? But I digress.

Jury Selection  – Jury Star 2.0 version 2.0($39.99) and its companion law student version aptly named Jury Star for Law Students ($10.49) is a pair of apps that are the brainchild of a trial attorney.  Both of them are…

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