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“Every day, thousands of new pages are created on Wikipedia, requiring hundreds of volunteer editors to check them for quality — a process called “New Page Patrol.” To help these patrollers do their important work, we are pleased to announce the launch of Page Curation, a new suite of tools for reviewing articles on Wikipedia.


Page Curation aims to improve that page patrol experience by making it faster and easier to review new pages, using two integrated tools:

1) New Pages Feed lets you quickly see what new pages have just been created on Wikipedia. Helpful information is provided for each new page, including possible issues and whether or not the page has been reviewed. The feed can be sorted by date, or filtered by a variety of criteria, so you can easily find articles to review by type, or even by user name.

2) Curation Toolbar appears at the right edge of any article selected by patrollers in the New Pages Feed. It allows them to review articles, tag them, and nominate them for deletion — all in one place and with a simple user interface. This toolbar, which is only available to auto-confirmed editors, also includes other useful curation tools.


A number of patrollers have already started using Page Curation, and we hope that more curators will adopt this new toolkit over time…”


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