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By now, all of you probably know that I have just as much love for my Android phone as for my iPad.  I even posted in January about all of the things that I could do with my Motorola Atrix (with Android OS) phone.  I told you about how I used my camera, how the phone kept me organized, and how I could do a lot of fun things with it.  The one thing that I did not post about was doing legal research on my phone because, really, besides having a few legal ebooks on it, there really was not much that I could do with it.

Until now.

Last Friday, I did a little happy dance (the one time I regretted having windows in my office) as I received my nice, shiny pre-release version of the Fastcase App for Android (v. 0.9).  The official v. 1.0 app will…

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