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I have never been so aware of the roles played by different types of law librarians, as I was at this year’s All-California Joint Institute, entitled The State We’re In: California Law Libraries in Unprecedented Times, held March 9-10, 2012.

Librarians as Instructional Design Experts

At the pre-institute workshop, Coordinating Legal Research Instruction from 1st Year Law Student to 1st Year Associates, I learned from Cindy Guyer about the intensive integrated legal information literacy program that the University of Southern California law librarians have put together. It is the stuff of dreams, mandatory legal research training coordinated closely with the legal writing program. Beyond that, with a staff of eight librarians working on instructional design, they are able to reject traditional pedagogy and instead craft learner-centered experiences for their students, employing multimedia games.

Adaptability of Librarians as Teachers

Since so many of us are still grappling with the…

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