SWOT is outdated.

The standing paradigm for assessing business strategies and situations is the SWOT analysis, which considers Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  This model is outdated, due to the speed at which business now operates, the diversity of potential influences and influencers that now be considered, and the increasing super-complexity of consumer, competition, and climate for business.

Multidisciplinary “BLITS”, a necessity.

In addition and as a result, any new paradigm must approach and pursue the many questions of modern business with a combination of business, legal, industry, technical, and strategic knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to properly occupy the field and turn over all of the stones that need to be so turned.

SSBSS must be merged.

To date, experts, academics, practitioners, and business leaders have further duplicated and convoluted approaches to the creation and evaluation of business strategy by using many different…

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