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I recently took a much needed week and a half vacation to study for finals.  During my absence from the conscious world, there were some interesting developments in our profession.

As reported here, LexisNexis has partnered with Overdrive to create a LexisNexis Digital Library of downloadable and lendable legal titles.  I’m familiar with Overdrive as a provider of ebooks from my local public library, and I believe law students will welcome this service, especially if it means they could download a casebook instead of forking over $300 for the same title.  The functionality of Overdrive is, in my honest opinion, light years ahead of NetLibrary, the current main academic ebook provider.

AALL’s Day in the Life Photo Contest winners were announced and the best overall photograph features a librarian contemplating what to do with a row of empty stacks.  With tighter budgets all over, libraries are cutting traditional…

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