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Big data is all the rage- what is it? It’s a common trend now that our business data sets  are too big to capture and analyze manually. Why is big data such a big deal? McKinsey calls it “the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity (link).

There is now more and more social media big data about online content (photos, blog posts, graphics, videos and more). Approximately 900 million Facebook users, 150 million LinkedIn users, 100 million Twitter users, along with Google + and Pinterest users are engaging with content billions of times per month. They’re liking, commenting, sharing, tweeting, plussing and repinning. They’re telling us, through that big data, exactly which photos and videos and blog posts have the biggest impact on them. There’s a lot of this social data, and it’s not organized.

How do we turn this big data on social media activity into something that gets results…

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