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Scott’s comments:  At Pacific Ridge School, we are discussing ways to further engage faculty and students in their learning.  Thank you for this helpful presentation 


Others’ comments:

“Over the last couple of years, I’ve come to think of my role as a teacher as that of a curator of ideas” says Corinne Weisgerber who teaches Social Media and Communication at St Edwards Unniversity in Austin, TX (if you haven’t yet, check out her great prez here).


As she explained in this post, the Curation Project was about getting her students “to set up a network of online mentors using social media tools” and “to identify experts in their field and connect with them in order to build a personal learning network (PLN).” 


The idea behing the PNL is to help them discover valuable information through social search that they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.


Interesting project and read.


And great work by the students who used various curation platforms for the project, including Storify and (links in the post)

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