What Is Corporate Curation? IBM Is Making It | Forbes

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This is an excerpt from the article by Steven Rosenbaum and published by Forbes.


“It used to be that company communication was all top down.

Today, things are changing fast – as the tools and networks for communication are broken wide open.


Within the world of corporate communication, there are new school of thought that say there are the thinkers who are looking to turn this big noisy mess into value for their brands and corporate parents.


Ben Edwards the VP Digital Strategy and Development for IBM explains: ““I think there are some emerging roles, potential roles for you know, coms professionals to think about. One of them I think a lot about is this notion of curation.”


At IBM, the voice of the company is increasingly coming from the intranet, known internally as W3. W3 has been leading a transformation from professional to user-generated content within IBM.


The IBM vision is to embrace, rather than ignore the growing voice and knowledge of their community. “One of the measures that we like to talk about is called ‘Professionally Produced Content versus Employee Published Content’.


“We think we have a role in bringing the external perspective into the employee base” says Edwards. That makes IBM a curator as much as a communicator.



Read full article here: http://onforb.es/Igx7tm

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