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We Louisianians are generally proud to be, well, different in many ways.  We eat mudbugs after boiling them in an array of spices.  We put plastic babies in our cakes before eat them.  We play jazz music at funerals.  We have a festival for everything from meat pies to frogs.  Of the 50 states that make up the Union, Louisiana is the only one that cleaves to a civilian rather than common law tradition.  But this doesn’t mean assisting a patron with a Louisiana civilian law question has to be daunting, and with the little lagniappe I’m about to give you, you too will be able to navigate the waterways of Louisiana civilian law.


Primary Materials

First off, West’s Louisiana Statutes Annotated (“LSA”) is the official compilation of legislative law in Louisiana.  The LSA contains all the laws passed by the legislature that are currently in force.  The LSA’s are made…

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