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Learn how your LIS skill sets are opening up paths to careers in a number of exciting, new ways. Our skills at finding, managing and analyzing information are increasingly valued as organizations worldwide struggle to gain insight and make decisions in the face of explosive information growth. In this session, I will present one professional’s journey and experiences, as I transitioned from working in traditional library roles to doing strategic analysis for a well-known industrial R&D lab, HP Labs.


Sue Charles is a research analyst for the HP Labs (Hewlett-Packard Company) Strategic Planning team. After working in both public and academic libraries, she started her career with HP as a technical research analyst. Presented with a number of interesting challenges, Sue’s career has followed an entrepreneurial path at HP, and she is now involved in key strategic planning, trends and visioning, and analysis projects, while continuing to provide custom research support to lab directors, managers and, of course, R&D scientists at HP Labs worldwide.