Culture at Kamelia

Walking into the Lefferts Library is like walking into a community center. One man sat in a comfy chair reading the Kaieteur Newspaper while three other men sat around eachother on laptops. A worried mother and daughter on the other end of the library watched anxiously as they looked up sickly looking scabs on Google images. A young girl was being tutored by a college student. The daily activities of the library were all happening amidst a new addition to the community center. Right through the library’s window pane were two new columns of Indo-Caribbean books just waiting there silently as a new part of the library’s daily affairs.

It was an inspiring landmark to have a few letters spelling, “Indo-Caribbean,” an identifiable name, on the top of the wooden book shelves that I grew up checking out books from.  Richard S. David, the executive director of Indo Caribbean Alliance

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